June 19, 2024 at 06:12PM

I have 2 Workshop Opportunities planned for this summer. One with @textilecentermn next weekend & Another with @loopoftheloom on August 3rd and 4th (Saturday & Sunday). The one in MN is sold out at this point. However, I will be available to greet & show some samples from 12pm to 1 pm on Friday & Saturday (July 28th and 29th), while the participants are taking Lunch Break. This is my first time visiting the Midwest as a Sashiko Artisan – I am looking forward to it!

The workshop in Brooklyn Dumbo is either [Core & Essence (C/E)] 1-Day Class or 2 Days weekend Class. I believe there are several spots left. Please be advised that the 2nd day [Application & Practice (A/P)] has a prerequisite of [C/E].

Some people misunderstand that [A/P] is an advanced version of my workshop. It isn’t really so. A good analogy would be: [C/E] is an experience to learn how to ride a bicycle which you haven’t tried before. [A/P] is me taking them to the Bike Park to enjoy more attractions. Without [C/E], the fun part of [A/P] may be lost completely – so no matter how many years of experience they have, I ask them to take [C/E]. [C/E] is available as my Online Sashiko Class, which I will personally meet you on Zoom to check your learning. So if you want to take [A/P], but not available for [C/E], please consider Online Class (which I have many positive reviews of). Please note that Domestika Course isn’t equivalent to [C/E].

Thursday is Sashiko Streaming Day! I am happy to elaborate what I teach in my Classes. I will keep sharing the stories based on what I share here while showing no-edit & no-hiding stitching of me. Hope to see you there tomorrow.



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