June 15, 2024 at 10:26AM

Well. Such a Joyful 1st half of June. Although I would add more stitching & fabric, and then clean out the basting threads, to call it “completed”, I would need to reorganize my priority for the 2nd half of June. I mean I gotta do something for Income as I am self-employed after all.

I wouldn’t consider these Sashiko (yet), but it is fine if you do so. In fact, these types of “patchworking” are now considered Sashiko in English. All I ask is the acknowledgement that there are some Japanese Artisans who consider this non-Sashiko practice, and there are stories behind their saying.

Putting Cultural Perspective aside, I enjoy this type of Mending. For now, I gotta stop doing so for other works I do for actual “economic sustainability”, and material reasons that Denims I received as donations are all stitched. Then, one asked if I were to do so as a commission saying it would clear 2 reasons I gotta stop doing so: more plain denim to stitch with economic sustainability.

I can, of course, consider a Commission Work – but I want to do this to someone I care/like. Money is important, but I wouldn’t do so for someone who just asks “How much?”. If I were to offer, would you wear these types of Denim? Would you even pay for it? (Please be reminded that my first hope is for you to learn the Sashiko we practice by taking my class, and do it by yourself for yourself).




#Sashiko #刺し子


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