June 14, 2024 at 10:36AM

I was rewatching last night’s Sashiko Live, and I realized I made some misleading statements while answering the reply. Here is a clarification. I do NOT consider all teaching Sashiko in English to be “nefarious (which is the new word to me)”. In fact, I have been encouraging many English speakers to teach Sashiko if they wish. To share the further clarification, please remember the “2 types of teaching” I often specify.

One type of teaching is like “being a navigator”, like a school teacher who is knowledgeable about many things & who introduces opportunities to students. When one teaches Sashiko in this style, my intention here is to encourage & support. Therefore, I share so much content. The Second type of teaching is “being an expert”, like a professor in College with publications. This teaching comes with great responsibility. They need specific skills to pursue the topic. If a math prof says he cannot do Calculus, then no one will consider them as a teacher.

The “teaching” I find problematic is, of course, the 2nd one. The difference? The Navigator will introduce “other resources” to learn more as they specify themselves that they are only teaching a part of it. The Expert will say that what they teach is “The Answer”, and more marketing suitability, “This Teaching is all you need to learn”.

There are quite many “innocent (unknown)” who do not categorize themselves as either (1) Navigator or (2) Expert. They “can” be the issue as they will follow the answer innocently, whether it is true or not. My voice is for them in-between. It is okay to teach Sashiko in English – but specify what is their “role” in this. When they false-advertise their teaching to increase their profit, then it is a big problem… isn’t it?

You may consider me (2), yet my approach is still (1) as I don’t consider myself as “the expert”, yet someone who just learned Sashiko last year became the expert teaching “One Stop for All”. Sashiko is more than just technique & cannot be summarized to “One Stop”.


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