June 05, 2024 at 05:35PM

You may like this project I just started more than our usual Sashiko. Probably surprising to some of you, who recently encountered Sashiko, I wouldn’t consider this Sashiko much. I don’t mind someone calling this type of denim “Sashiko” when they try to acknowledge Stories behind Sashiko… but, I wouldn’t call it. It isn’t definitely Sashiko that I grew up with. What would I call this then? Umm… do we need a name for every single practice we do?

The denim itself doesn’t need mending. In this denim, the focus is on the fabric scraps. It is a beautiful way to appreciate the beautiful fabrics, and I enjoy the stitching very much. Some may call it Boro. Others may think it is Sashiko. Their sayings aren’t wrong, but missing the voice of actual Artisans who have been stitching. The byproduct of “being in trend”, and we gotta be careful with “who” is leading the trend. As for Sashiko, Japanese Sashiko Artisans who actually stitch aren’t the ones who is creating the trend.

When you want to learn the true figure of Sashiko, the Live Streaming I offer on Thursday night (8 pm EST) is a good place to ask questions. Sashiko introduced in English (mainly by non-Japanese) isn’t wrong, but very much simplified & romanticized. I am willing to spend all of my life to share the “buried aspect (intentionally ignored side)” of Sashiko.




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