July 04, 2024 at 11:07AM

I am enjoying the afterglow of Sashiko Workshop. I always let my feelings align with the experience from the workshop before moving to the next action. It is an important process as I consider teaching as an “opportunity to pass it down”. Being serious & responsible for what I teach will, hopefully, preserve the cultural aspect of Sashiko along with techniques.

Many “experienced Sashiko Stitchers” come to my workshop. Some of them actually teach Sashiko, yet they have the humbleness to come. I sincerely respect them. This also proves what I teach isn’t well introduced in English. None of my students (including those who have been teaching Sashiko for decades) find my workshop boring or mediocre. In most cases, they find it “challenging” and “uncomfortable” first, then leave the workshop with some “vision” to be one of Sashiko Artisans.

What I teach isn’t about beginner or advanced. I am teaching Sashiko which has been ignored for decades… and I just happened to be “found” in a trend of Sashiko. The number of workshops I offer is limited, so if you find a space, please consider joining. It will be an eye-opening experience (especially if you think you know Sashiko already).

It is Thursday & Live Streaming Day. It is the 4th of July, but I try to be online at 9 pm EST. I don’t know how long I will be online, but it would be good to catch up.




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