January 19, 2024 at 07:09PM

I encountered a photo on FB comparing the Sashiko Thread (it happens to be Ours & Embroidery Floss) with a very close look. It reminded me of my youth asking my artisans why we use a very specific type of thread. They didn’t give me an answer, but I wanted to know why. I did pretty similar things (to look closer), and kept testing why… eventually, some kind & easy-going artisans told me some stories. With stories & my experience, I now say that “Thread Matters in Sashiko”. Anyone can use any Thread in Sashiko. The type of thread doesn’t define Sashiko itself. However, to fully understand how Sashiko was developed, and to appreciate the “wisdom” we get from Sashiko, choosing the “appropriate” Sashiko thread is very important.

We can find many kinds of Sashiko Threads. There used to be only a few kinds – now it is everywhere from many manufacturers. I often get a question about what is the best & its “alternative”. Some threads are not good for Sashikp. They won’t do good from stitching. Some are good, but I cannot recommend them fully as I have not used the “Seems to be okay threads” for decades. When I recommend other threads, I declare the limitation I carry. I share quite many stories about Threads. Having “even stitches” isn’t the completion of Sashiko – it is just the beginning of Sashiko. When all the dots connect, what I share can be a big story on “What Sashiko Really Is (For Us)”. What we eat makes who we are (the health & such). Similarly, I believe I can say “which thread we use makes what the Sashiko is”. Until you find your own Sashiko, I strongly recommend using our Sashiko Thread.

日本語での思い、どこで言葉にしようか少し迷っています。やっぱりNOTEになってくるかなぁ。 ワードプレスのブログは使い勝手はいいのだけど、読み手の設定によっては表示が崩れてしまうので躊躇していて。ここや、最近使い始めたThreadsも考えたけど、英語と日本語の両表記になってしまうと、どうしても日本語が後になってしまう。



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