Citibank Mobile Check Deposit User Agreement

Q. How do remote deposits accelerate the availability of funds? one. By eliminating the physical transport of controls, your customers` controls will be clarified more quickly and fraudulent controls will be detected sooner. The ability to make deposits at any time allows for faster collection and improves cash flow. You will receive confirmation emails when we receive your deposit and if we accept your deposit for processing. Deposit Mobile Check allows you to deposit your cheques without a trip to the bank. Use the Citi Mobile Banking app to deposit your next check with your mobile phone. Q. What are the benefits of remote deposit? one.

Remote deposit allows you to process and deposit cheques electronically while speeding up the availability of funds, improving fraud detection and improving work efficiency. Reduced trips to the bank, optimized business, faster availability of funds, reduced fraud risk and simplified accounting after only a few of the many benefits you realize. Q. How secure is the remote control repository? A. Remote Deposit has several levels of security and control, so the process is actually safer than physically transporting the controls to the bank. In addition, your authorized users must sign up with CitiBusiness`s online token-based process from Citibank. Q. What is remote filing and what do I need to get started? a. The remote registration deposit allows companies to register cheques at their place of activity. You can then send data and image cheques to your financial institution electronically for booking and compensation, without the need for physical transport. All that is needed is a PC, an Internet connection and a scanning device.

Q. Can a cheque be scanned and deposited twice? A. Remote Check Deposit has sophisticated duplicate recognition technology that alerts you if you send the same exam twice and ask for or make a decision on the item in question. Q. Do I receive credited cheques on the same day? a. Checks must be deposited before 20:00 local time to receive a credit on the same day. However, cheques can be deposited 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on weekends. Q.

What if I have a problem with depositing my cheque with remote check deposit? A. Citibank has a number of resources, including relationship managers, service specialists and a central service team that helps you deposit your cheque with a remote check deposit. To use mobile check deposit and other on-the-go banking, download the Citi Mobile app on your phone or write “App23” on MYCITI (692484)6 9 9 2 4 4 4 to get a link sent. Q. What type of scanner can I use? one. There are a variety of scanners that are allowed to be used with Remote Check Deposit. Your Treasury Sales Representative provides you with information on scanning devices during the sales process. After downloading the Citi Mobile app for your iPhone®, iPod touch® or Android™: