Certification Agreement Definition

The supplier wishes to submit a product for coe platform certification in the Open Brand certification program. The product is clearly defined in the notification form. And The Open Group is the certification body (CA) that manages the COE platform certification program in accordance with the terms of the COE platform`s certification policy. This Agreement, together with the Contract of Sale, the Certificate and The Warranties and documents contemplated therein, is designed by the Parties as the final expression of their agreement and shall be a complete and exclusive statement of the agreement and understanding of the Parties with respect to the subject matter contained therein. The CA performs the first check of the completeness and correction of the quote provided by the supplier. The CA will confirm and approve the test campaign definition for this certification provided by the supplier. To conclude the deposit, the Supplier must formally accept the terms of this Agreement by signing below and authorizing payment of the applicable certification fee on the due date. The certification body shall verify all certification information provided by the supplier, including the results of the test suite. The certification body shall verify that the information provided proves that the product has passed the formal testing process and that the product meets the applicable conformity requirements. The CA will complete the audit and inform the supplier of the audit result within 25 calendar days of receipt of a full filing.