Arc Clubs Affiliation Agreement

5. Refund of membership dues: Membership dues or subscriptions paid by the recruited member are cancelled at UNSW WSSC in case of hiring. WeW WSSC has the right to reimburse them on a pro rata basis. The use of membership benefits excludes the refund of membership dues. Campus Rec offers leisure and wellness opportunities for students and the university community. 3. I have stated that I am physically and mentally fit to participate in this event/activity and I am aware that in certain circumstances participation may result in physical injury. I agree that by participating in UNSW WSSC activities and registering an account, I am a confident swimmer who can easily swim more than 50m. I also recognize that by participating in outdoor activities, I risk being contagious and that I am not aware of a contagion that I could spread. I hereby confirm that I am over eighteen years old through the online registration and/or hard copy processes and that I have read, understood and accepted these terms. I waive certain legal rights that I may have or heirs, relatives, executors, administrators and assignment recipients against UNSW WSSC and its directors, senior officers, collaborators, representatives and representatives.

Insulting parties can be immediately excluded from the event and blocked for a given period of time. WeW WSSC may, at its discretion, exclude a participant from any other event if it is considered that the conduct of a participant is sufficient to justify an exclusion. Behaviours considered to be misconduct may include, among other things, that this Code of Conduct aims to ensure that all those who participate in UNSW WSSC activities understand at all times the right way to behave to ensure that all participants have a relaxed and enjoyable experience. All participants participating in THE ACTIVITIES OF THE EUSA must, through their participation, recognise the Code of Conduct and agree to be bound by it. Any breach of this Code is considered a serious matter by the MSSC and disciplinary action may be taken against one or more persons who violate this Code. (4) That in the event of death, this agreement is effective and binding on all heirs, relatives, executors, administrators and allowances. The University of New South Wales Windsurfing Surfing Sailing Club (UNSW WSSC) is a subsidiary of Arc @UNSW Sport. The AIM of UNSW WSSC is to create an organised sports environment free from harassment, discrimination and harassment, in which all those involved in its activities are treated with dignity, equality and respect. Discrimination, harassment and harassment are extremely distressing, offensive, humiliating and can create an unpleasant and unpleasant environment. Discrimination, harassment and harassment are against the law. Not everyone who participates in the UNSW WSSC can have fun if such behavior exists in any form.

Given UNSW WSSC`s permission to participate in its activities and sports, to allow me to use its equipment and to allow me to use its facilities, I hereby agree as follows: * Student Service FeeSers enrolled for 6 hours (3 hours in summer) are generally considered a student service fee that supports campus recreation programs…