Purl Soho Sashiko Workshop 2019

It is an honor to announce that I will be teaching Sashiko at Purl Soho Sashiko Workshop 2019. When I started introducing Sashiko about 10 years ago, there was a webpage ranked always at the top on the google research. It is the page by Purl Soho, and it is delightful that I can work with them.

The Purl Soho Sashiko workshop 2019 introduce everything about Sashiko in 5~6 hours Workshop (with Lunch break with Atsushi available for any kinds of questions).

Purl Soho Sashiko Workshop 2019 Schedule

Learn Sashiko in a day. Enjoy it for the rest of life.


Sashiko is a very simple hand-stitching technique developed in Japan. It is so simple that anyone can do it. However, in order to catch the specific rhythm of Sashiko stitching, we strongly recommend learning from the one who can teach the “Needle Movement (運針)”. Although Sashiko can be very meditative and enjoyable without the skill of needle movement, the general understanding of how to use a unique thimble and needle is important.


It is like a driving car. Anyone can do it, but it is good to learn from someone who is experienced, especially in driving a car with manual transmission. Once you learn how to do Sashiko stitch, you will not forget it. The technique and rhythm can be rusty after a vacant time of not doing Sashiko, but it will come back once you start stitching it.


Therefore, we offer very small variety of Sashiko Workshops. You won’t need so many workshops to continue Sashiko. Learn Sashiko in a day or so, then you can enjoy it for the rest of your life.


For more information about what “Needle Movement (運針)” is like, please check our Youtube video in which Atsushi performs his running stitch. The goal of Sashiko Workshop is to teach you how to do that. Purl Soho Sashiko Workshop 2019, you will have 5+ hours of time to continuously practice with hand-on instruction from Atsushi Futatsuya.

Eye Opening Experience in Sashiko


In last 2 years, I have taught Sashiko to more than 100 students in East Coast of the United States (huge thanks to supporters who encouraged and helped me to do so).

I learn that what I do in Sashiko is somewhat surprising to the students outside of Japan. It was very ordinary for me, and therefore I thought it wouldn’t make a good workshop. However, it is actually what the people would like to learn, and I believe I can provide you the “Eye Opening” Experience in Sashiko. I have so many stories I would like to share & so many joys and enjoyable moments I would like to spend time with. If you thought, “Wow. How on the earth does he make stitching?” in the video, please consider joining the workshop. You will be able to do it and enjoy Sashiko even more.


I hope to meet you in one of the Purl Soho Sashiko Workshop 2019.

Sashiko Thread Thickness Comparison Cover

Sashiko Thread Thickness Comparison

Choosing the appropriate Sashiko thread for your Sashiko project is one of the most important factors to have beautiful & enjoyable Sashiko stitching. Although we use one specific thickness of Sashiko thread for 99% of our Sashiko projects, we carry some variety of thickness. Here is a comparison for the Sashiko thread that Upcycle Stitches offers online.

*The detail of each Sashiko thread can be found here. (In process)

All of the Sashiko Thread in the comparison is available for sale here.

Sashiko Thread Thickness Comparison First

There are many other Sashiko thread manufactures. Among many choices, we regulary use them and check the quality of the Sashiko thread we provide.

Also, you can fine the explanation why we strongly recommend in using Sashiko Thread. The thread has its unique twist to perform the Sashiko’s original purpose; which is different from the other hand-stitching. I upload the video of me talking about this topic. I hope you find it useful. 


Sashiko Thread Thickness Comparison 

Please find the photo for each threads we carry. Every kinds of thread is made in Japan with quality cotton 100%. 


  1. Coron & Sashi.Co Sashiko Thread including the one hand-dyed with natural dyes
  2. Upcycle & Maru Sashiko Thread including the unique pastel & variegated Colors
  3. Daruma Yokota Sashiko Thread both Thick and Thin.
Sashiko Thread Thickness Comparison Cover 1

Coron & Sashi.Co Sashiko Thread

It is our regular & first choice Sashiko thread. We have been using the thread from the Coron manufacture over many years. and we are proud to introduce their thread to the world. Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya hand-dyes the thread with natural dyes. The thread, Sashi.C0 and Coron, are almost identical. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

The thickness is about 1.0 mm with 4 floss twist. 

Upcycle & Maru Sashiko Thread

Upcycle and Maru Sashiko thread is the new thread we start carrying in 2018. I fell in love of their unique colors of Sashiko thread, including pastel and variegated colors we couldn’t make with the Natural Dyes.

It has the very similar quality for the Coron & Sashi.Co Thread. I haven’t had any problems enjoying Sashiko projects. The stitching results (shown below) also explain that they are very similar each other.

The thickness is about 1.0 mm with 4 floss twist. 

Daruma Sashiko Thread

Daruma Thread made by the well-know thread company, “Yokota”, is our newest thread. We started enjoying Sashiko with their thread in late 2018 so that we can accomodate the needs who wishes to have thinner thread. The quality is good (although I would probably need more time to fully experience it.) Please check the comparison photo with the stitching result so you will find the best thickness besides our regular Sashiko thread.



The thickness is a bit less than 1.0 mm like 0.9mm or so. You may feel it is almost 0.8 mm. Please refer to the photo.


This is the thinest Sashiko thread we carry. I would say it is about 0.75 mm or even 0.7 mm. The thickness changed depends on the tension. The thread on all the photo have no tension. 

No “Right Answer”. Just the preference.

As I mentioned above, I only recommend the Sashiko thread we used at least in several project and confirmed its quality. It is simply because I would like anyone to avoid the sad result (not expected results) by using the thread.

Sashiko thread from the other manufactures and any non-Sashiko threads are good when it fits your project. It is just about the preference, and I want you to try the best because it makes a lot of difference in Sashiko stitching.

*Some of the technique I introduce here as well as on Youtube may be only effective when you use the thread we recommend.

Throughout Sashiko Live Streaming on Instagram and Youtube, I encounter and become friends with many many Sashiko Thread Dyer in Japan. One day, I would love to introduce them on our website as the Sashiko thread artisans.

Sashiko Stitching Sample with threads above

Sashiko Frequently Asked Questions
Wearable Fine Art Sashiko Cover

Wearable Fine Art | Keiko’s Sashiko

They are stunning beautiful. I will site the client’s word: it is a pleasure to have Wearable Fine Art. All hand made, All Sashiko stitched, small vintage fabrics to good sized well-preserved Japanese vintage fabrics. The biggest, and most enjoyable, project in 2018. It took a year of searching the fabric, planning the patchwork, all Sashiko works, and then putting everything united as a whole piece. 

This is what Keiko Futatsuya is capable of: Another reason I, Atsushi Futatsuya, work on introducing Sashiko. 

Wearable Fine Art

I had an interesting discussion about whether Sashiko is the (Fine) Art or not. The conclusion was that Sashiko “can be” the fine art, but originally started the Folk Art. As a Sashiko artisan, I would like to respect Sashiko’s history, and would like to avoid considering what I make as the Fine Art (at least. not yet.)


So does Keiko.

She doesn’t consider her Sashiko and Boro Jackets as the Art. The definition in terminology isn’t that important for her. Only thing she cares is if she is enjoying as much as the client would be enjoying the process of repurposing the fabric. 


Well, however, I would call these Jackets as the Art. It may sounds contradicting what I wrote a few weeks ago, but I agree with the client’s words: they are the Wearable Fine Art. 


We will continue this journey. 

If you are interested in placing the back order (customized order), please refer the article about how we started working on these Jackets.

Sashiko Wearable Fine Art SJ

Sashiko Wearable Fine Art Photos


Enjoy the photo gallery of Wearable Fine Art by Keiko Futatsuya. Big thanks to Jeffrey for taking these beautiful photos.

I had to reduce the file size due to the website capacity. The photos with High Resolution are available on our Facebook Photo Album.


Photo Credit: (c) Jeffrey Bardzell, 2019


Sashiko Jacket 2018 SJ _MN

One of the preferred request from the client is to have the Vintage Katazome Fabric. These vintage fabrics has the width of 1-tan (1反 = about 36cm), which was regular width for Kimono.  

It is challanging process to obtain the beautiful vintage fabric in a good condition, then we work on patchworking and Sashiko stitching based on the client’s requests and Keiko’s creativity. It is one of the reason we ask clients to wait for about a year or so.

We do not waste a smallest piece of fabric, like a size of small swatch barely capable of wrapping a few beans. We strive to share all of our wisdom, technique and passion in Sashiko & making “”To-be-Boro” Sashiko Jacket. 

Sashiko Jacket 2018 SJ _FO


Asanoha (麻の葉), Shippou (七宝), Kakinohana (柿の花).

The Japanese traditional geometric pattern have their own beauty and Sashiko significannly enhance the beauty. It was our sincere goal to make client’s request happen, a collaboration of favotie vintage fabric as well as the favorite pattern.


The alternative Sashiko Jacket were filled with the traditions. 

Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2019

Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2019

Thanks to many participants who shared their great time with us in Sashiko workshops, the Sashiko workshop by Atsushi Futatsuya obtained good reviews. We intend to continue the Sashiko Workshops in NYC, and here is Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2019.

I have received many requests to come back to NYC to offer another workshop. As I mentioned in 2018, I plan to take it a bit slow in terms workshop so I can spend more time in creating Sashiko items. Although I will not be able to offer the Sashiko Workshops as much as I did in 2018, I hope you can find a spot for you.

A whole view of Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2019

You may register yourself on the Sashiko Workshop Store for your preferable workshop here.

As of now, we offer one workshop weekend in Spring, and one workshop weekend in Summer.

Please contact me if you are interested in taking the workshop in NYC, Manhattan Tribeca Area, yet your schedule doesn’t match for the available workshops in 2019. I will add you to the priority email list to let you know the availability before the regular newsletter sent out. The more people contact me, the more likely to offer them more.

Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Basic&Core)

The basic yet the core Sashiko Stitching Workshop. The well-organized, satisfying workshop is available anyone who can be in NYC for the workshop weekend. The only “fair” review is that it is a bit short (180 minutes and plus) workshop. However, you will get everything you need to enjoy Sashiko there & attentive follow-ups.

Open to Enrollment in 2019

We are still working on the scheduling the Sashiko Workshop for the Fall/Winter 2019. As of now, we are finalizing the date on Nov. 9th and 10th. It may be the weekend of Nov. 2nd and 3rd. Either weekend, the time slot would be (1) 10:00 am to 1:30 pm and (2) 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm. The location is in TriBeCa (near City Hall Station – R.W. line).

I added the option to pre-purchase the workshop so you will secure your spot. Please check the registration page.


Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Basic&Core and Plus)

The workshops below are specifically designed workshopes for the collaborators who support us to have the workshop. The participants will get everything from the Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Basic&Core), and in addition, the workshop participants will get more contents based on what I am collaborating to. The examples of extra contents are “How to transfer the pattern to the fabric” and/or “Sashiko Mending Basic”. 

@ Loop of the Loom | With enjoying other beautiful natural dye fabrics.


@ Purl Soho NYC | with small practice of preparing the pattern.

Enjoy Sashiko in Happy Holidays

Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop (Advanced)

*Prerequisite: Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Basic&Core)

(Previous in 2018)

  • July 22nd, Sunday, 9:45 pm to 12:45 pm for 3 hours | Great success! Thank you.

(Open to Enrollment)

Please wait for the update.


Online Sashiko Workshop (In Progress)

For those who cannot travel to NYC, Online Sashiko Workshop is a possibility. Please fulfill the form to inform us about the preferences. The more preference we have, the easier it is to offer the Online Workshop.




QuiltCon 2020

I will be offering the Sashiko Workshop similar to Core & Basic one in QuiltCon 2020 in Austin, TX. Please check the detail in their website as well as the course catalogue.



Sashiko Stitching and more.

As you know, Sashiko has been a big part of my life. I was born in a Sashiko family, and I grew up surrounded by Sashiko artisans and their Sashiko.

Once, I thought Sashiko wouldn’t be necessary in 20XX. In my youth, the technology and innovation attracted me and Sashiko was merely a burden to me. After several years of focusing on mindfulness, I realize that I would like to pass down Sashiko to the next generation, to the day in 20XX.


Sashiko is a form of stitching developed in Japan. There are many reasons why the Japanese had developed this stitching customs, and the reasons illustrate what the Japanese culture is like pretty well. Therefore, I would like to share not only the stitching techniques but also the “mindset” behind the Sashiko culture. 

I believe, our Sashiko workshop (especially Sashiko Stitching Workshop – Core & Basic) is the best place to do so. The participant will receive a whole package of what we would like to pass down.


No more Judging.

My goal is to stop judging myself throughout Sashiko. I hope, so is yours.

Being good at Sashiko isn’t that difficult. Sashiko is a form of stitching after all. However, we believe Sashiko is more than just mere stitching. It is the wisdom (pride and courage) from the Japanese who survived in the severe winter. There is no such a thing as “right” or “wrong” in Sashiko. However, there is techniques we developed over time to make it more beautiful, easy, and after all enjoyable.


Most importantly, our goal for you is to share how fun & enjoyable Sashiko can be. Sometimes, Sashiko can be too addictive.

In 2017 and 2018, I have taught Sashiko to over 100 participants to the Sashiko Workshop. Although I always get nervous before the workshop, I have a confident that everyone can have the eye-opening experience in our Sashiko Workshops.


Please consider our workshop as an opportunity to enjoy Sashiko more.

If you don’t know anything about Sashiko, it is the great way to start. If you already know about Sashiko, then it is a great way to add the technique and knowledge to your art-work.


Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2019 | Help us to have more workshops in NYC.

Since the instructor Atsushi is located in the central PA, about 4 hours of driving away from NYC,  we cannot offer the workshops as often as we would like to do. In addition, Atsushi’s main role, continuously in 2019, is to be a homemaker father (cooking, cleaning and such).

Realistically speaking, offering Sashiko Workshops 3 ~ 4 times a year is a reasonable amount to plan the schedule.

However, we are willing to offer as many workshops as possible. Even more than 4 times per year if there is a need.

In order to do so, we need a certain amount of participant in the workshops. We would like to know how many people in the East Coast are willing to join the Sashiko Workshops. Please share your passion by posting comments here and/or registering yourself to our mailing list (from the top page) with checking “Yes” to the workshop notification.

You can also email me here to let me know you are very much interested. I have a separate email list to send out the workshop specific date before writing the main newsletter. 

We are looking forward to meeting you & hearing from you!

Sashiko Fukubukuro Cover

Sashiko Fukubukuro 2019 with fortune in it.

The Japanese have an interesting custom to celebrate the new year with purchasing “lucky-bag” so-called Fukubukuro (A bag filled with fortune). A Fukubukuro contains many merchandises to start the new year’s activity. According to the documents, a draper in Edo period started selling their items in a bag on the first day of their business. I thought it would be fun to follow this custom even in the US, to celebrate the new year of 2019 with Sashiko. Here is Sashiko Fukubukuro from Upcycle Stitches.

Detail of Sashiko Fukubukuro

Traditionally, a customer will not know what is inside of a bag. The core concept is the idea of “blind bag”. However, I would like to avoid any miscommunication and disappointment… so I will introduce what will be inside the bag below. The color of the thread and which items in the bag will be the idea of “Lucky Bag”. 

*All the photos are the sample contents. Colors and items insides are subject to change, but the photo explains what you can expect to get.

*Sales starts January 4th at 1 pm EST.

A. Keiko Bag – Sashiko Thread Fukubukuro

This “A Keiko Bag” will have 7 skeins of Sashiko thread that Keiko uses every day. It will include at least 3 Naturally Dyed Sashiko thread, hand-dyed by Keiko.

Atsushi will pick up the colors. The possible colors you will get are following:


*The total retail value will be no less than $112.20.

As you may know already, we rarely offer the sales deal. I hope you can enjoy this Fukubukuro to try out our beautiful & the highest quality Sashiko Thread.

I prepared 7 bags. The rule of  First come First serve will be applied. 


The price is $98.00 including the US Domestic Shipping by USPS. I can make an international shipment, but the extra shipping fee will be applied. 

Sashiko Fukubukuro
The sample of Natural Dye Sashiko Thread. Atsushi will pick 3 colors out of these beautifully hand-dyed Sashiko Thread, including Indigo, Kakishibu, and other botanical Dyes.

B. Azu Bag – Sashiko Related Items Fukubukuro

This “B. Azu Bag” will have Sashiko related items for anyone to maximize their Sashiko experience. 

The items are selected randomly, and here is a list of the possible items you may expect to receive (Please understand that it will NOT contain everything I mention here. I will choose items from this list). 

​Please contact me if you have any questions. I will make sure to meet your expectation and exceed the item’s value. My goal is to encourage people to start enjoying Sashiko.

A possible item list. The contents will be randomly selected by these. 

  • Sashiko Needles and thimble Set |
  • A few skeins of Sashiko thread | more than $35 in value
  • Fabric for Sashiko (Manufactured in Japan) | more than $20 in Value
  • Small Vintage Fabric swatch
  • A chalk pencil
  • A Pin Cushion
  • A grip scissors
  • Supplies to transfer the patterns to the fabric

The price for the “B. Azu Bag” is also $98.00 with USPS shipping fee included.

Terms and Conditions for Sashiko Fukubukuro

Please read the terms of “Sashiko Fukubukuro” service before you place the order. It is based on a concept of “blind bag” and “lucky bag”. Therefore, we will not accept any returns for the contents you receive. We will do our best to exceed your expectation in terms of values of contents. 


  • The Bags will be sold between January 4th (@1pm in EST) to January 18th in 2019. The sales continue while the supply last, and it may be ended before the final date.
  • The shipping will be made accordingly to the order. However, unlike the other regular order which usually is shipped in 1 business day, this order will take longer than that (Please expect a week to 2 weeks to be shipped). Regardless, all of the order will be shipped before the end of January.
  • We will not accept any return of cancel after the shipment. If you coule like to cancel the order, please let us know as soon as possible. 
  • The Sashiko Fukubukuro Bag may contain an item without original packaging. We will re-package and will send them in a nice condition.
  • The item may be an item which was “returned” as the sellable condition. No second hand item will be included (besides the vintage fabric).

Real “Fortune” reside in the stitches

I hope everyone enjoys Sashiko stitching in 2019 and encounter(make) the special Sashiko for yourself.

The photos above are the Sashiko bag Keiko made for our dear friend. The “fortune” is in our caring spirit and each stitches, and we offer “lucky bag” to make it happen.

Happy New Year of 2019!

*If you resides outside of USA and would like to check the special offer from Japan, please take a look at this article.