Tinted by Nature

Tinted by Nature | Joining an exhibition in Brooklyn

We are honored to be part of the exhibition “Tinted by Nature” curation of naturally dyed Sashiko thread and Sashiko items. The exhibition is curated by GGrippo art+studio.

On show from
April 20 – June 10.
Brooklyn, New York
GGrippo gallery, 174 Grand st, Brooklyn.

Atsushi will be joining the opening ceremony on 4/20 at 6 pm. Exciting to meet you & see you all.

Tinted by Nature


The first exhibition for us | Tinted by Nature

This is our very first participation in the curated exhibition in the USA. We are so happy that GGrippo found us, and being a part of this great exhibition. The colors from Nature (natural dye) are something beyond the words. I always try to express how stunning the colors are, but looking at them with your eyes will make a big difference. I hope to see you & meet you at the opening ceremony on 4/20.


Sashiko Workshop in GGrippo art+studio


On 4/21, I have a plan to offer the Sashiko Workshop in GGrippo art+studio in Brooklyn.

The content of the workshop is very similar to what I usually offer as “Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core & Basic)”. In addition to share the Sashiko technique how to use a thimble and a needle, I will talk about the beauty of Natural Colors in Sashiko. I will also talk about how Sashiko can affect the way of thinking throughout “mindfulness.” The stitching and color from Nature can be very mind-soothing activity. 


Please find the details here and purchase your seat.

Registration Page for Sashiko Stitching Workshop in GGrippo on 4/21 at 4 pm. 



Touch, feel, and enjoy our Sashiko items

Some of our Sashiko items with Natural Dyed thread and vintage fabric will be displayed in the exhibition. They are also available for purchase. Sashiko Bags and Sashiko Cushion Covers will be welcoming you to touch, feel and enjoy the actual Sashiko stitching. Everything is done by hand, and every item is “one of a kind” Sashiko items.


Tinted by Nature Sashiko Bag

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