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Our Sashiko Store sells every essential item you would need to enjoy Sashiko. If you find that we don’t carry something you want, please contact us. We will try to find it from Japan.

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Sashiko Thimble


Sashiko Thimble US_F2-79

A round shaped Sashiko thimble is a must-have item for the Sashiko stitching. When you make more than 10 stitching at once, or when you repair the denim with layers, this thimble is only the solution to make the best result.

We have an article explaining how to use the thimble appropriately.

The ring can be adjusted (widen or tighten). We believe that everyone can wear the thimble and enjoy Sashiko stitching with it.

Size: 15mm x 15mm x 15mm (about)

$6.5 In stock
Sashiko Thimble Sashiko Thimble



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Sashiko Stitched Fabric

Some of the “One-of-a-Kind” products, especially the Sashiko Fabric, are sold on our Etsy Store for marketing purpose. If you are interested in Sashiko fabric and some finished products, please take a look at our Etsy Store as well.

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