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Our Sashiko Store sells every essential item you would need to enjoy Sashiko. If you find that we don’t carry something you want, please contact us. We will try to find it from Japan.

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Sashiko Starter Set 2017


Sashiko Starter Set 2017 US_StarterSet2017

We prepared a package of Sashiko materials, supplies and tools for people who would like to try Sashiko from scratch. What you need to prepare is a ballpoint pen or a tracing wheel.

A good quality fabric (Indigo Dye) is included to the package so you can start the Sashiko project to make Sashiko Tote-bag, Sashiko Luncheon Mat or Several Coasters.

For those who are concerned with the techniques and actual stitching or other process, many online tutorials are available for free. Also, we will make other tutorials if you have questions regarding Sashiko and this set.

The set include;

*The color of thread can be changed based on your request. If there are no special request, the Original White color (#10) will be in the package.

$70 In stock
Sashiko Starter Set 2017 Sashiko Starter Set 2017 Sashiko Starter Set 2017



One of a kind item on Etsy Sashiko Store

Sashiko Stitched Fabric

Some of the “One-of-a-Kind” products, especially the Sashiko Fabric, are sold on our Etsy Store for marketing purpose. If you are interested in Sashiko fabric and some finished products, please take a look at our Etsy Store as well.

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