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GGrippo & Atsushi | Sashiko Workshop in Brooklyn


GGrippo & Atsushi | Sashiko Workshop in Brooklyn Workshop_GGRippo

Special Event Information!

GGrippo hosts Atsushi's Sashiko Workshop, as a part of their exhibiion "Tinted (by Nature)", in the beautiful gallery in Brooklyn.

Date & Time:

April 21st, Saturday | start at 4 pm for 3 1/2 hours.


GGrippo art+studio | 174 Grand St Brooklyn NY 11211,

Notes: Please read before purchasing the seat for the workshop.

  • The workshop has the minimum of 3 participants. If we don't meet this condition, we may cancel the event anytime before the workshop date. In a case of cancellation, all of your money will be refunded in full accordingly. We will try to communicate to you as much as possible.
  • In the gallery, we proceed workshop with a Japanese-style table setting. There is a low table and cushions. Participants are expected to sit on the floor and stitch. Please contact me if you would need a chair. You are welcome to bring meditation pillow, too. It fits perfectly fine.
  • Refund is available until the end of 4/18. No Refund after 4/18 and the ticket is only transferrable to the other participant.
  • No previous Sashiko Experience is needed. Anyone can join the workshop.
  • For those who have taken Atsushi's Sashiko Stitching Workshop: The contents of this event will be very similar to what you have experienced. I provide the same materials in this workshop.

Atsushi will share the basic & core Sashiko techniques so that the participants can continue enjoying Sashiko. It is a great opportunity to learn & review what Sashiko is. You will learn how to use Sashiko thimble, Sashiko needle, and then how to make beautiful Sashiko stitches

Also, Atsushi will talk about history and culture behind Sashiko. Sashiko and vintage & natural fabric is like a peanut butter and jelly. It completes when both of them are together. In a beautiful setting in the GGRippo gallery, Atsushi will also talk about how Sashiko can affect the way of thinking throughout "mindfulness."

The workshop comes with:

- Natural Dye Sashiko Thread | 1 skein of your choice

- Sashiko needles

- Sashiko thimble

- Skein of white sashiko thread (approx. 145 meters)

- Sashiko Thread Bobbin Paper

- Indigo dye fabric with Asano-ha patterns printed on

- Interfacing and Cotton Poplin fabric for tailoring the project at home

This workshop will qualify you to take another advanced Sashiko workshops by Atsushi & Upcycle Stitches.

Sashiko in viduals | Sashiko Youtube Channel: Sashi.Co

Check our Sashiko Stitching | Ad video for Atsushi's regular Sashiko workshop. You will get very similar workshop at GGrippo art+studio.

GGrippo & Atsushi | Sashiko Workshop in Brooklyn GGrippo & Atsushi | Sashiko Workshop in Brooklyn GGrippo & Atsushi | Sashiko Workshop in Brooklyn GGrippo & Atsushi | Sashiko Workshop in Brooklyn GGrippo & Atsushi | Sashiko Workshop in Brooklyn




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