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Customized Sashiko Mending on your Favorite Denim


Customized Sashiko Mending on your Favorite Denim SashikoMDenim_

Atsushi, a Sashiko artist in Upcycle Stitches, offers a customized Sashiko Mending on your Denim (or any other fabric Sashiko can be done.)

Sashiko is a form of Japanese hand-stitching to mend, repair, strength and decorate the fabric. In order to implement Sashiko to the current society, we decided to challenge what we can do. We will listen to you, your preference and your idea, then will perform Sashiko & other necessary hand-stitching to make your jeans more strong, durable, and completely unique.

Price Structure

  • Base Custom | $490.00 | Jeans have 4 spaces to work on, front 2 legs and back 2 legs. Base custom include custom Sashiko mending on 2 side of your choice (or Atsushi's recommendation) based on the proposal we make initially.
  • Full Custom | $790.00 | Atsushi will perform Sashiko mending all of your denim based on the proposal we make initially.
  • Ultimate Custom | $1,200 | Atsushi will continue Sashiko until you are completely done with it. This include extending the sleeve, cut&paste the Japanese vintage fabric, and Boro-inspired Sashiko stitching as well.

USA Domestic Shipping (USPS Priority Mail) is included to the price. Please read the terms and condition below before you send the jeans to us.

Promotional Deal

Even though this is all hand-stitching by a professional and it will take more than 20 hours to complete a project, $300 plus is not easy to invest in a pair of jeans.

I just started this project to see if I can contributed to the upcycle, repurpose, and sustainable cloth industry. It is much more important for me to get orders than making a profit for this time. We decided to offer

Please read these favors from me as agreement. If you are okay to follow and accept the list, we will offer the Base custom with 50%+ OFF.


  • Permission to Atsushi to use photos/videos of the mending project on our SNS & Youtube Live before, in the process, and after the project.
  • Review from you on your website and/or our review page.
  • Post photos on your SNS account to share & tag the finished project to advertise what we completed as Sashiko Mending Project.
  • Read and be aware of my understanding to Sashiko and Boro
  • Promise that you wear the jeans I serviced continuously. I believe Sashiko shines the most in the daily usage.

Trial One Spot Promotion Deal:

I set the flat service fee for the promotion period. This fee includes one big hole OR several small holes repair. You may refer my previous works and ask for the estimated fees if you want to have more.

With accepting promotional deal above, the price will become $100.00 including shipping from me. Please also read terms and condition before you send us your jeans.

*If you prefer to have the order-made Sashiko fabric to patch or have so many parts to "repair," I will do so with the regular price. I will give you the estimate so please send me the photos.

Terms and Condition for the service:

  • I may decide the kinds of Sashiko fabric I use in the project. I will probably not take order-made Sashiko fabric for this service. However, please let me know what kind of color you would like or what kind of pattern you would like since your preference is important for us.
  • I will inform you how long it would take to get service done. It is NOT promised time frame. Please understand that it is just an estimate.
  • Please send me the jeans AFTER washing it. I understand that some people do not wish to wash the jeans, but doing Sashiko on dirty jeans is very difficult.
  • If you prefer to have Sashiko stitching on the new jeans, it may be possible based on your request.
  • Please allow me to use your project on Youtube/Instagram Live Streaming

A Sample of Project Processing:

  1. Check the jeans condition such as the thickness of denim.
  2. Send the proposal for my plan, explaining what kind of Sashiko I do and what kind of thread I would use.
  3. Once agreed, I will start the actual stitching. I would like to you to make a payment at this point.
  4. I will keep updating the photos of my progress so you can redirect me if I am going in a wrong direction.
  5. After completing, I will send you the jeans back with USPS.
$490 In stock
Customize Option Base Custom (0) Full Custom (300) Extreme Custom (710) Promotional BaseCustom (-260) Trial One Spot Mending (-390)
Customized Sashiko Mending on your Favorite Denim Customized Sashiko Mending on your Favorite Denim Customized Sashiko Mending on your Favorite Denim Customized Sashiko Mending on your Favorite Denim Customized Sashiko Mending on your Favorite Denim



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