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Sashiko Analogy | For Understanding of Sashiko

“What is Sashiko exactly?” This is probably the question in your mind. A question of “Am I doing correctly?” would tire you out when you would like to follow the traditional Sashiko style. Well, unfortunately, even we as Sashiko artists do not have the exact answer for What Sashiko really is. Regardless of my writing about what Sashiko is, the conclusion I come up with for now is to give you the analogy which helps me to explain what Sashiko is. So here is my Sashiko Analogy.


Sashiko is like a Pizza in the USA.

There are many styles of Pizza such as Neapolitan, California style, Chicago Deep Dish, and more. Can you define which is the Pizza and not Pizza? There are good pizzas and bad pizzas, but no such a thing as the right pizza and the wrong pizza. After all, it is all about the preferences.

Sashiko is very similar. There are many styles of Sashiko developed in Japan. It is about preferences, not rules.


Origin of this Sashiko Analogy

I initially come up with the Sashiko Analogy with Japanese Miso-Soup (Misoshiru) while I broadcasted my stitching on Instagram. Japanese Misoshiru is so ordinary for the Japanese and most of the household in Japan have their own style of Misoshiru.

Sashiko is(was) also too ordinary to make it like an art form over the history. Many Japanese who lived in a poor society performed Sashiko in necessity, and therefore we have many kinds of Sashiko left: some survived, some vanished.


A Sashiko Analogy with Misoshiru is a fantastic way to explain what Sashiko is to the Japanese since Misoshiru is so close to their lifestyle. I thought of what would be an equivalent to the Misoshiru and come up with the Pizza.


It can be anything.

Applesauce that your own family made for you and your family? Sauerkraut your family fermented in your family house?


The point is a sense of “ordinary things to do = nothing special.”

With a few concepts of Sashiko behind its history and the sense of ordinary process will lead you to a good understanding of what Sashiko is.


So Where do I start Sashiko?

Sashiko is ordinary things to do. Alright.

How about now? Is it ordinary?


After the economic growth in Japan, and globalization, Sashiko is not an ordinary thing to do anymore. Therefore, many people look for information and tutorials.

I am here for that. I provide “how to do Sashiko” on my Youtube Channel and Online/Onsite Sashiko Workshops, and I talk about “why I do Sashiko” in my Live streaming on Youtube.


You can learn the basic technique of Sashiko and long-established wisdom of how beautiful Sashiko can be. I also talk how beneficial Sashiko can be for the mental, mindfulness and slow switching. By learning the history of Sashiko, I strongly believe that we can enrich our life.


Sashiko is (was) a form of needlework to achieve…

  • Reinforcing the fabric for the warmth
  • Strengthening the fabric for the durability
  • Mending the fabric for the repurpose and recycle (upcycle)
  • Decorating the fabric in the limited supply and government regulations.


When your project can follow either of these “concepts based on the purpose,” I would say you are doing fantastic Sashiko.


Of course, as you can find a good pizza and horrible pizza, there are good looking Sashiko and not so much good looking Sashiko. I am here for the better looking Sashiko. I just want you to learn not only “how” to do Sashiko, but “why” to do Sashiko throughout my website.


You may read some writing archives below. The answer to the question of “What is Sashiko?” is still on my list of things to achieve. Your feedback and request will help me to seek more!


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