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Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop

Sashiko is a very simple form of hand stitching. Therefore, the Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core & Essence) covers most of the important concepts and technique to enjoy Sashiko Running Stitching. One thing, though, what the “Core and Basic” doesn’t cover is how to enjoy Hitomezashi (一目刺し). We decided to offer Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop once again in NYC for the November 18th, Sunday morning.

[Announcement as of 2024]

I no longer offer the Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop by itself. Please find other Sashiko Workshop Opportunity to learn Hitomezashi From us. Thank you!

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I had offered several kinds of workshops related to the Sashiko Stitching & its culture. With seeing the increase of the need for Sashiko on Denim, I thought it is my responsibility to accommodate the demand from the people who are interested in Sashiko. Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop is one of those that I have more confidence after offering several times. It is my pleasure to share this beautiful Hitomezashi.

Hitomezashi Workshop is an opportunity to make “it” happen.

The powerful and vivid beauty of Sashiko stitching, which is a bit different from Sashiko Running Stitches, is mainly from Hitomezashi Sashiko. Over the Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop, I will share how to prepare the fabric, how to create the pattern, how to move the needle and thimble (A great opportunity to review the first Sashiko Stitching Workshop), and how to use the vintage fabric to collaborate Sashiko.

When people enjoy our Sashiko art, they get so surprised the beauty of Hitomezashi.

Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop will deliver you the necessary information and technique to make it happen.

Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop Make it happen

*Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop has a prerequisite of Full-Length (at least 3 hours of) Sashiko Stitching Workshop provided by Atsushi. Some people use the Hitomezashi Workshop as an opportunity to review the techniques from the Atushi’s Sashiko Workshop (Basic and Core). The participant far from NYC & traveling to NYC can be qualified after taking the full-length Sashiko workshop over the same weekend (Not after the Hitomezashi Workshop.) I will accept the participant without prerequisite if she/he is 100% confident in how to use the round shape thimble and 51.5 mm needle with Sashiko purposed thread. He/She with this confidence is required to send Atsushi a video of his/her stitching for at least a minutes or so prior to the workshop. After confirming the video, Atsushi may give you the permission to move forward.

Please understand. The basic is very important.

Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop Swatch

By combining (patchworking) these beautiful Hitomezashi Swatches made with Japanese vintage fabric, the beautiful & powerful Sashiko Jacket and bags are created.

What is Hitomezashi?

Sashiko is a general term for the hand-stitching developed in many regions in Japan.

Hitomezashi is one kind of Sashiko stitching. To understand more about Hitomezashi Sashiko, please visit this blog post. I will talk about what Hitomezashi is in the workshop as well.

Hitomezashi Workshop Schedule


Bring the needle & thimble I provided

In the Hitomezashi Workshop, I ask participants to bring the needle & thimble I provided in the standard (full-length) Sashiko Workshop. I understand that it is not convenient for some of the participants to carry sewing tool to the workshop. It isn’t that much trouble for us to prepare the extra needles and thimbles for the participants. However, I would like to sincerely ask you to bring your own needle and thimble.


The Japanese believe (believed) in sort of a form of Animism. Especially those who practiced Sashiko in poverty a few hundreds of years ago, they believed that the Good Spirits exists every material including the needle and thimble. I am not trying to advocate any specific religion here. I just want you to “feel” the core concept of Sashiko, “Reuse instead of Replace.” By providing the materials, which you already have, I feel like I am encouraging the custom of replacing it over appreciating what we already have. The customer satiscation with conveniences is very important in offering the workshop. However, I ask you to think why I have these requests. It is a great part of me sharing what Sashiko is.

Of course, an accident can happen. We all make mistakes.

The thimble and Sashiko needles are available for purchase. However, please bring your own needle and thimble. The more you care about what you use, the better your hand-stitching will be. It is a bit strange to say it, but it is very much true throughout my experience.

*The participants who got the special approval by Atsushi can purchase a set of needles and thimble with $11.00 in the workshop.

*If you are interested in the concept of Animism in Japanese culture, here is a link.

Enjoy Sashiko!

Hitomezashi Poncho

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